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Bibliotherapy Review 2021, vol. XI

Alternative title:

Bibliotherapy and Art Therapy

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Bibliotherapy Review

Subject and Keywords:

bibliotherapy   art therapy   Wita Szulc


There is a progressive change in recent years in the Polish bibliotherapy, that forces the need for a scientific journal, where works depicting the main currents of polish bibliotherapeutic thought can be published. Responding to these needs and expectations the biannual journal The Bibliotherapy Review has been published by the Institute of Psychology at University of Wrocław. First of all, there are published articles about topics included in the program of the Postgraduate Studies of Bibliotherapy at University of Wrocław. Editorial Board and the Editors are intended to guide the journal into the modern direction and way of thinking about bibliotherapy and work of bibliotherapists.   Published by Department of Psychology Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences University of Wrocław.

Table of contents:

Kiriakos Chatzipentidis, Wita Szulc (1941-2021), pp. 12-19.
Wita Szulc, Health and quality of life as goals of therapy through of arts. Contribution to reflection on the interdisciplinary character of arts therapies, pp. 20-30.
Wita Szulc, Bibliotherapy in context of Creative Arts Therapies (CAT), pp. 31-47.
Wita Szulc, Life story as an active bibliotherapy : narrative-reminiscence therapy, pp. 48-59.
Agnieszka Konieczna, The use of poetry therapy in work with people with chronic illness and physical disabilities in the light of research, pp. 60-70.
Bernadeta Szczupał, Possibilities of using literature in bibliotherapy of socially maladjusted people, pp. 71-79.
Bernadeta Szczupał, Reading culture and bibliotherapy of adult deaf people, pp. 80-89.
Jolanta Izabela Wiśniewska, Readership of seniors, pp. 90-99.

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Library of Department of Psychology, University of Wrocław

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