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Seeing in the dark : navigating the territory of change

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archetypes   dream analysis   individuation   Jungianism   analytical psychology   Carl Gustav Jung's psychology   Jungian psychotherapy   psychological type


Series: Contexts of psychoanalysis. Vol. 1.


The monograph, which we place in the hands of readers, is a collection of scholarly works devoted to new contexts of problems of psychology as seen by Carl Gustav Jung. The individual chapters are an expansion of the issues raised in the papers delivered at a conference organized by the Polish Society of Analytical Psychology (PTPA) on its twentieth anniversary. The conference opened with a speech by Martha KOTARBA, Ph, president of the Polish Society of Analytical Psychology, Seeing in the dark - stepping around the conscious and unconscious. Its author invited us to wander through the unusual areas of what is (conscious) and what is not(conscious), drawing on the achievements of analytical psychology, as well as expanding these considerations with contemporary concepts of considerations with contemporary concepts from the field of physics. Jungian analysts gave the following lectures, members of the PTPA. EWA WINKLER in her paper entitled Traces in the Sand. In the development of contemporary analytical psychology in Poland, she reflected on the recent analytical workshop - how to remain a Jungian or Jungianist in the conditions of online work, how to maintain intimacy in a virtual office, and the standards of psychoanalytic work are changing. MIROSŁAW GIZA gave a lecture on the glories and shadows of the training path, in which he reflected on the process of training Jungian analysts - how to prepare for the challenges of today, adapt to change, and where to draw resources from. Next, Dr. KRYSTYNA WĘGŁOWSKA-RZEPA presented a speech entitled “Experiencing liminality in everyday life and analytical work. She explored the concept of liminality, or the area of "in-between," a state of chaos from which a new order is yet to emerge. BARTOSZ SAMITOWSKI presented a paper entitled Archetypes of Initiation in the Pandemic Dreams of Varsovians, discussing the study of the collective unconscious in times of pandemic. The author showed what images appear in the dreams of people included in the "Republic of Dreams" study he conducted, what archetypes they refer to, and how to understand the initiation symbols in which these dreams abound. The conference closed with a speech entitled “Psychological type and creativity and innovation among Polish managers”, in which JOLANTA KOWAL, hab. Ph.D., with the participation of psychologist business psychologist MONIKA ZIOBROWSKA, Ph.D., and business coach DARIUSZ ZAREMBA, reflected on the correlations between psychological types and creativity, innovation, and adaptation to change. We hope this publication will be a starting point for reflection on the condition of the modern world and, above all, will show the supportive role of analytical psychology in building awareness of who we are, what befalls us, and what our part is in it.

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